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Alpine EV-PRO-T3 DSP audio system to suit Tesla Model 3

Alpine EV-PRO-T3 DSP audio system to suit Tesla Model 3

  • Includes vehicle specific amplifier connection harness
  • Tetoron soft dome tweeter
  • Carbon fibre hybrid woofer cone
  • 100% Plug and Play install
  • Suits 10-12 OEM speaker systems
  • 10″ Robust subwoofer enclosure


***Pro system designed to suit Tesla® Model 3 2018 – 2022


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This professional-grade system has it all. The 12-Channel DSP amplifier effortlessly powers the entire system and hosts the gateway for high-resolution music via USB, Bluetooth and other digital sources. With high-end speakers and DSP spatial sound, transform your cabin space into a mobile concert hall.



Included in this Alpine Professional replacement system is:

  • PXE-X121-12EV 12 Channel Hi-Res DSP Amplifier
  • EV-100SW3-T 10″ Subwoofer Enclosure
  • EV-40MR-T (x2) 4″ EV-Series rear satellite speaker set
  • EV-40M-T 4″ Centre channel speaker set
  • EV-65CF-T 6.5″ Component EV-Series 2-Way Speaker System for front doors


Easy Integration with Tesla Sound Systems

Installing the Alpine EV Series speaker sets are a breeze. Featuring pre-assembled components and plug-and-play connections, you can enjoy a hassle-free installation process, without the need of vehicle modification, cutting of wires, or soldering. Whether you’re a car audio enthusiast or someone seeking to upgrade their driving pleasure, EV-Series is the ultimate choice for those who demand unmatched performance and premium quality.

Robust Lightweight Construction

The EV-100SW3-T 10″ subwoofer enclosure, designed for EVs, prioritises efficiency and weight reduction. This subwoofer seamlessly integrates cutting-edge audio technology into the electric vehicle landscape, offering a powerful and immersive audio experience without compromising the vehicle’s energy consumption. Notably lightweight, this subwoofer aligns with the efficiency demands of electric vehicles, contributing to a harmonious blend of advanced audio quality and sustainable transportation.



Advanced Digital Signal Processing

The PXE-X121-12EV 12 Channel DSP amplifier is designed with user convenience in mind. The cutting-edge digital signal processing capabilities, allows users to customise and fine-tune their car audio system according to their preferences. With precise control over equalisation, time alignment, and crossover settings, users can optimise the soundstage, eliminate distortion, and create a personalised audio environment inside their vehicle.

Woven Carbon Fibre Diaphragm

The woven carbon fibre hybrid woofer diaphragm provides bullet-proof rigidity and is lightweight, this ensures accurate cone velocity and limits distortion to achieve a natural and highly revealing mid-range response, as well as powerful bass extension. The appearance of this loudspeaker is incredible with performance to match.

Tetoron Soft Dome Tweeter

Our tetoron soft dome tweeter guarantees exceptional performance. It’s lightweight, durable, and boasts a wide frequency response to capture every detail of the audio spectrum, from the subtlest whispers to the most powerful crescendos. Whether you’re listening to classical symphonies, rock anthems, or the latest pop hits, our tetoron soft dome tweeter delivers a listening experience that is nothing short of extraordinary.

Installing this kit does not require any soldering, cable trimming or vehicle modification.