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Focal INSIDE Acoustic 10.0 Pack to suit Tesla Model 3 & Y

Focal INSIDE Acoustic 10.0 Pack to suit Tesla Model 3 & Y

  • Designed and Built in France
  • Aluminium inverted dome tweeters
  • Flax Sandwich Cone Midrange and Woofers
  • 100% Plug and Play install
  • Suits 10-Speaker OEM system
  • Replaces all factory speaker drivers


*** Compatible with Tesla® Model 3 and Model Y (some models have a 12 speaker system and may require an extra pair of coaxial speakers – Please ask if unsure)


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This new Focal Inside audio system upgrade pack includes everything required to vastly upgrade your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y OEM system. This easy to install solution provides a premium quality hi-fi solution without any vehicle modifications.



Included in this Focal Inside Speaker and Sub Pack is:

IST3Y100 Front 4″ Split system with Aluminium inverted dome tweeter.

ICT3Y100 Rear 4″ Coaxial speaker system with compact tweeter.

ICCT3Y100 Centre Channel 3″ Replacement mid with separate dome tweeter.

IWT3Y200 Woofer 8″ under seat pair.

The speaker drivers feature Flax Sandwich Cone technology, which delivers well defined midrange and bass, and the Aluminium inverted dome tweeter, a Focal technology that provides perfect treble reproduction.

Installing this kit does not require any soldering, cable trimming or vehicle modification.

Acoustic insulation (such as FOCAL BAM) can also be added to improve the sound of these speakers.