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Focal P60 Limited Edition Porsche Kit

Focal P60 Limited Edition Porsche Kit

  • 8” “W” composite woofers
  • 4” “W” composite midrange and centre
  • 2 x Pure Beryllium dome tweeters
  • Limited Edition (to 911) numbered kits





Crafted in Focal’s workshops, the P60 Limited Edition Kit is a high-fidelity, in-car, Plug & Play kit, compatible with Porsche® 911 (992)* vehicles.

It is composed of two woofers and three midranges, fitted with a ‘W’-shaped cone as well as a pair of beryllium tweeters with inverted dome. These exclusive technologies guarantee an unparalleled level of detail, uncoloured sound, powerful and dynamic bass as well as an even larger soundstage. It is easy to install in the vehicle’s original spaces (front speakers including central speaker).

*+ Porsche Panamera (971 / 2017 – up),
Porsche Cayenne (PO536 / 2018 – up),
Porsche Taycan (2020 – up)



Only 911 kits are available, making this kit an exclusive product. The speaker drivers are engraved with a serial number on their surround and a hand-stamped and aluminium plate certifies the 911 kits. To ensure you receive an experience that goes beyond audio performance, the kit comes in sophisticated and convenient “signature packaging”.



The P60 Limited Edition kit is the result of meticulous design and development work by Focal’s highly qualified acoustic engineers. Specializing in speaker drivers and cones, Focal excels in the art of creating Hi-Fi solutions suitable for all locations (home, car, studio, yacht, outside, headphones, etc.). Its mission? Delivering excellent sound that awakens the senses and arouses the emotions. For this kit – composed of two woofers, three midranges and a pair of tweeters (front connection including central connection) – Focal opted for the ‘W’ cone and Beryllium inverted dome tweeter. Exclusive to Focal, these technologies guarantee an unparalleled level of detail, uncoloured sound, powerful and dynamic bass as well as an even larger soundstage.



  • 2 x 8” “W” shaped composite cone woofers with a nominal power of 100 watts RMS, for powerful controlled bass
  • 3 x 4” Midrange drivers with “W” shaped composite cone capable of 100 watts of power to replace the front and centre speakers.
  • 2 x pure Beryllium inverted dome tweeters delivering ultraprecise treble.
  • Limited edition numbered badge with stylish carry case



Focal presents a new Plug & Play kit in its Focal Inside collection: P60 Limited Edition. Compatible with Porsche 911 (992) vehicles, this high-fidelity kit offers an incredible listening experience.

Focal presents a new Plug & Play kit in its Focal Inside collection: P60 Limited Edition. 

Compatible with Porsche® 911 (992)* vehicles, this top-of-the-range kit easily replaces the factory system to deliver an incredible listening experience.

Exclusive Focal technologies, easy to install in the original space, limited edition with only 911 kits released: P60 Limited Edition is a unique kit.