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KAE-HF11DA Halo 11″ Screen Protector

KAE-HF11DA Halo 11″ Screen Protector

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  • Anti-glare, Anti-fingerprint
  • Self adhesive
  • Suits Halo 11″ products


Perfectly matched to iLX-F511A


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If you have problems with sunlight glare or fingerprints on your Alpine Halo 11 display, the KAE-HF9DA is the perfect solution for you.

This self-adhesive film can be easily applied to the display of the iLX-F511A improving visibility by reducing sunlight reflections and fingerprints.

It also improves the overall picture contrast and protects your screen from scratches.

The KAE-HF11DA is especially recommended for drivers using a Halo 11 system with a high location of the display in the dashboard.

Anti-Fingerprint Technology
Oils and dirt from fingerprints can leave smudges on the screen, lowering visibility. The anti-fingerprint technology of the KAE-HF11DA keeps your screen looking new with no thumbprints or smudges for enhanced visibility and functionality.

High Visibility Screen Protector
Driving in sunlight can compromise the visibility of your head unit screen. The KAE-HF11DA is anti-reflective and ensures visibility on screen no matter the driving conditions.

Easy Application
The KAE-HF11DA comes with an installation kit for easy, at-home screen application. The kit includes a microfibre cloth and dust removal sticker to ensure your head unit is clean before screen application. The screen applicator tool is included to prevent uneven application and bubbling behind the screen.

Optimised for Halo 11 
The KAE-HF11DA is designed to perfectly match the sleek lines and tapered edges of the Alpine Halo 11. The screen protector follows the delicate curves of the screen to ensure a seamless fit and finish without adding extra bulk.