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Morel MPS Limited 45 – MPS 1.1100 Mono Block Amplifier

Morel MPS Limited 45 – MPS 1.1100 Mono Block Amplifier

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  • 1 x 650w at 4 ohm
  • 1 x 1100w at 2 ohm
  • 0.10% THD+N
  • 102db S/N Ratio – At rated power, A Weighted
  • Optional Sub Level Control



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For the true audiophile who seeks fidelity and power, we introduce you to the MPS LIMITED amplifiers.

Developed to the highest standards to celebrate Morel’s 45th anniversary, two models consisting of a 2-channel class AB and a class D mono-block utilise audiophile-grade components, including Burr-Brown OPA2134 op-amps, Rubicon and WIMA ultra-low ESR capacitors, Sanken output transistors, gold plated connections, and chassis-mounted RCA connections. Noise eliminating balanced line inputs accept signal up to 20 volts.

Removable side panel plates allow for unique mounting options and enable amplifiers to be stacked together to minimise their footprint.

This superior design and construction give the MPS LIMITED the power and performance to drive any Morel system to its maximum.

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Pair with MPS Limited 2.150



Model MPS 1.100 MPS 2.150
4 ohm W/RMS 650
2 ohm W/RMS 1,100
Hi Power 4 ohm W/RMS 2 x 150
Hi Power 2 ohm W/RMS N/A
Hi Current 4 ohm W/RMS 2 x 100
Hi Current 2 ohm W/RMS 2 x 150
Min Impedance 2 ohm 4 ohm Stereo
THD+N 0.10% 0.02%
Freq. Resp. 10Hz-220Hz 10Hz-80kHz
S/N Ratio – At rated power, A Weighted 102 dB 111 dB
Damping Factor >200 >250
Selectable Input Range x1 or ×4 x1 or ×4
Filter Lo Pass 40-220Hz No
Sub Sonic Off/25/35Hz No
Sub Level Control – Optional MPS R1 0-20dB No
Pass through Pre Amp Output Yes No
Size H x W x L (mm) 51x170x322 51x170x322