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Alpine iLX-407A 7″ Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Receiver with DAB+

Alpine iLX-407A 7″ Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Receiver with DAB+

  • 7″ Audio Visual Receiver
  • Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • Short Chassis Design
  • HDMI input
  • 5-Band Graphic EQ / Crossover
  • Built-in Amplifier: 16W RMS/50W peak x 4
  • 3 PreOuts (4 Volts)


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The Alpine iLX-407A Digital Media Receiver features a 7-inch Hi-res capacitive touchscreen, which works perfectly with smartphone connectivity features including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is designed to give smartphone users all features they want and need to enjoy their car rides.



Smartphone Navigation 

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows the user to effortlessly command directions through voice control, allowing you to get from A to B with an accurate arrival time and turn-by-turn instructions. Plus, make a booking or call ahead with the location contact feature.




Measuring at only 6cm deep, the iLX-407A can fit into vehicles that don’t have a lot of space behind the dashboard. The shallow chassis is optimized to mount either the KTA-450 4-channel or KTA-200M Mono Power Pack Amplifiers (sold separately). Alpine’s award-winning PowerStack™ design adds more power to your sound system while occupying the same depth as a traditional 2-DIN radio.

DAB+ Digital Radio 

The iLx-407A provides you with a range of quality DAB+ (digital) only stations that you can search by station name. Digital radio offers clearer sound and improved reception, achieving a noise free, crystal clear radio listening experience.

HDMI and USB Connectivity 

A wide range of entertainment options are made possible through the iLX-407A with HDMI and USB connection allowing for high quality video and audio playback. The high-speed USB charging ensures your smartphone battery is healthy while the connection provides a multitude of source options, iPod or iPhone, and other devices to playback audio and video files. Furthermore, MP4 and AVI memory stick files are played up to HD 1080p with superb clarity. What’s more DVD and CD’s can be played back in high resolution via the HDMI port with the optional DVE-5300 optical drive. *Check iPhone HDMI compatibility for compatible devices.

Expansive Audio Features

Get the most from your music by using the 5-band graphic equaliser and 6 channel time alignment features to customise the sound the way you want it. The iLX-407A also features dedicated front, rear and subwoofer 4V preamp pre-outs



Dual Camera Input (RCA)

The iLX-407A has the option to add-in dual cameras (sold separately) enabling the connection of a rear camera and an additional side or front camera for easier parking and safety. Distance guidelines are also selectable.