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BlackVue DR770X-Box 3-Channel Ride Share Dash Cam

BlackVue DR770X-Box 3-Channel Ride Share Dash Cam

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  • Full HD 1080P @ 30FPS
  • 139 ̊ Wide Viewing angle (Front/Rear)
  • 180 ̊ Wide Viewing angle (Interior)
  • Built-in WiFi / GPS
  • Cloud Ready via Wi-Fi or CM100 LTE module
  • Wireless “SOS” button


***Also available in Truck model with waterproof external rear camera


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****Includes 64GB Micro SD. Also available for purchase with 128GB or 256GB micro-SD cards

The BlackVue DR770X Box recorder featuresfront, rear and interior protection for your vehicle, powered by Sony image sensors for best image quality under any light. Also included are GPS logger, built-in Wi-Fi, Cloud connectivity and built-in voltage monitoring for Parking Mode


Three Cameras and Secure Recording Box

All three cameras use back-illuminated STARVIS image sensors that produce clear details in both shadows and highlights thanks to high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. The Ultra-wide 180-degree interior-facing camera allows to coverage of both driver-side and passenger-side windows in most vehicles. With its infrared illumination LEDs, it captures clear details even in complete darkness.

The DR770X Box is designed from the ground up to prevent tampering. The main unit cover locks with a key to prevent access to the microSD card and the cable connectors. The camera covers have a hex screw to prevent the unplugging of cables and lock the camera angle in the mount.



Native Parking Mode

DR770X Box Series can be hardwired to your vehicle’s fuse panel for Parking Mode, without requiring optional accessories. The dashcam recorder will switch to Parking Mode automatically when vehicle ignition is turned off. Voltage cutoff and timer can be set in the BlackVue App.

Parking Mode accessories support
For longer parking modes the DR770X Box Series is also compatible with the BlackVue B-130X battery.



BUILT-IN Speaker, Impact Sensor, Motion Detection, GPS, Wi-Fi

Speaker: your dashcam tells you when it turns on, shuts down or detects errors.

Accelerometer: located in the front camera, it detects impacts to trigger Event recording. Enables Parking Mode* when stationary for 5 minutes.

Automatically tags video files: While driving, the built-in accelerometer (G-sensor) detects impacts and sudden changes in speed. While parked, your BlackVue also detects visual movements around your vehicles (in Motion + Impact detection mode).

GPS: visualize the location of your vehicle on the map during video playback and overlay speed on videos (can be hidden in settings).

Wi-Fi: lets you connect to your BlackVue with a smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi also lets your BlackVue connect to BlackVue Cloud via any home or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (router).



BlackVue App

They let you easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse through your videos in an intuitive way. With the BlackVue App, connect to your BlackVue in Wi-Fi to access files and check realtime Live View for easy setup of your dashcam.


BlackVue Over The Cloud

BlackVue Over the Cloud combines state-of-the-art dashcam technology with cloud ubiquity to make the most out of your BlackVue dashcam. New to the X series is the availability of true remote video playback by adding the optional external 4G LTE Module CM100. Video backup, surveillance in real-time, GPS-tracking, and notification alarms provide endless security possibilities. BlackVue Over the Cloud is all about using your dashcam to its full potential, so that you and your car are always connected.